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I created the mejma® experience to help you at a time in your life when you need to make some important decisions on your future; to find your dreams, your purpose, and the life that you really want.


For when you feel overwhelmed, finding it hard to cope, need reassurance, a confidant - I can help you find and achieve the future that you want:


Ian Marshall - Bringing your life to LIFE

Discover how I can help you please ring 01962 809554 or email


Importantly our initial contact is to outline your concerns and from there we can explore how we may move forward and agree our mutual commitment.


Whether you are currently planning your stay or have already booked this is a great time to talk to me to explore your thinking and to allow time for review. We can then agree times to meet when you are here allowing us to focus on opportunities to move forward.


If you are already here then we may need a little more time to identify what it is you want to achieve before we move on to ways forward. During our first contact we can also agree a time and place to meet that most often is at your holiday accommodation. At some times in the year my available time is limited so please do talk to me as soon as you are ready.



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Where Am I Today?

This introductory programme allows you to gain an insight into your world as you see it today - those general areas of life that affect us all. We also explore those character strengths that you are using today with an in depth review and how strengths can be developed and used in the future.

Finding Happiness

This foundation programme is for people wanting more out of life through a better understanding of our emotions and how we think and learn. This helps us avoid the negative feelings that bring us down and how to find more happiness in just being ourselves. A great place to start when thinking of what you really want......

Achieve Your Dreams

This programme aimed at those maybe wanting a new career or to start their own business.You may need to clarify goals and explore and find new pathways to achieve your dreams. It is focussed on your motivations and what may be stopping you from getting the goals you desire.....

Time For Reflection

For people seeking more support when searching for a new future. Time to reflect and understand where you are now, your thoughts and feelings and then to invest time and thought into exploring what you really want in the future, your happiness.

This is your opportunity to create "your personal" programme of help, support and guidance designed around you to help "bring your life to life."

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