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Life Coaching is great way to get support and guidance at a time when  you are unhappy or unfulfilled in some areas of your life. Finding a way forward after loss can be very hard and just exploring a possible future can be a great help. Equally coaching is great helping people with career change or the early stages in setting up your own business, moving or finding new hobbies and interests.

What makes you happy and interested in life?

Good experiences old and new feed our innermost self and allow us to enjoy our world and motivate us towards more positive actions. Regretably life is rarely free of some worry and in extreme cause us to get down and for some we can feel very low, even depressed.

Being on holiday is your opportunity to reflect and explore new experiences and to re-charge for the future. But when your not in the right frame of mind finding that energy to explore, enjoy past activities let alone find new ones then the temptation is to feed those bad feelings and worries.You have probably brought those negative feelings on holiday and without dealing with them they are going back home with you. However, all is not lost and I can help you find ways forward.

The good news is that you are in beautiful, interesting, exciting and inspiring beautiful Hampshire. With my help we can have "those conversations" to put life in perspective, helping you cope and in turn leading to your greater happiness and wellbeing. Where better than here to take time to reflect and transform your life.

Planning a trip to Hampshire? We can explore your thinking before you  arrive. Then we could meet when you are here and continue the conversation and of course we can continue when you return home.I design my helping programmes around you, what you are seeking, need and to offer the help and guidance in support of your future happiness.

Please contact me on 01962 809554 email


Winchester - the Heart of Hampshire.

Discover Hampshire.

For most of us our happiness and inspiration comes from a variety of sources. This may be our family and friends, the work we do and the experiences we enjoy. We have a natural need to explore find and understand new things throughout our life - in fact life long learning is a key to happiness.

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